"While drummer-composers often feel a need to make their mark through a show of force, Jayaweera takes a more fanciful approach. Preferring blossoming expressions over bombast, he separates himself from the pack with 'Pistils'."

Dan Bilawsky - All About Jazz

Rajiv Jayaweera


  • Rajiv Jayaweera - drums, thammattama, caxixi
  • Chris Cheektenor and soprano saxophone
  • Aaron Parks piano
  • Lara Bellovoice
  • Hugh Stuckeyguitar
  • Sam Anningdouble bass

All songs composed by Rajiv Jayaweera. Produced by Rajiv Jayaweera.

Mixing by James Farber. Mastering by Mark Wilder.

Artwork, "Garden of Earthly Delights" by Dr. Priyantha Udagedera.

Design by Lucas Carrillo